Intelligent technical systems support nursing staff in their work. For example, they simplify routine checks using sensor-supported monitoring. That allows for sensitive care and situationally appropriate reactions by nursing staff – and increases resident’s safety and quality of life.

Intelligent care

Residents in long-term nursing care facilities receive many kinds of support: nursing staff react to the various levels of assistance required by those under their care, and the factors that make care necessary.
Different residents need different forms of care, and nursing aids are not equally useful to them all. It is important to identify specific areas where technical solutions can support nursing staff. Because relaxed nursing staff can work more thoroughly and have more time for the human aspects of their job.

Sensor-supported monitoring gives patients more independence, increases safety and improves care, whether in nursing facilities or at home.


Consulting for manufacturers of intelligent nursing technology

From residential and day-care to home care, assisted living and ambient assisted living: the potential applications of technical solutions for nursing support are as varied as the individual’s care requirements.

We consult manufacturers of intelligent nursing technology on

  • Regulatory requirements for market access
  • Data management and security
  • Compatibility with sustainability standards

Consulting for operators of residential and day-care facilities

We offer consulting services on investments in future-proof nursing support systems

  • Identification of processes that would benefit from digital support
  • Assessment of the various systems on the market in terms of everyday usability, acceptance and investment security
  • Consulting regarding the use, processing and security of the recorded data